Drummer Chris Gray

Born in Washington D.C. and raised in Germany, Chris started playing drums when he was 15 in a metal band called “Thumbscrew” in which he toured and also signed to a label called “Counter Intelligence” in 2004. He then moved to Florida where his career as a tour manager began and more music opportunities arose. He managed the band “A Day To Remember” and was also a drummer in multiple festivals (Warped Tour, Bamboozle, Electric Daisy Carnival, Ozzfest) and traveled the U.S and Canada multiple times, during which he picked up the moniker, “Poopie Sanchez”.

Most recently in 2016, he was the drummer for “The Soulies”, a groovy ukulele and drummer duo. Finally in 2017, Chris was asked by Hype Rhythm to help begin the new concept of “Hype Rhythm Live”, the DJ and Drummer duo, specifically for his contagious energy and jazzy style of play. He’s known for his wild faces and infectious smile while performing that keeps bringing people back for more. Chris’s play style accentuates the main beat of the music by adding a new rhythm and groove that takes the energy of the room to the next level. Looking forward to taking the new concept of Hype Rhythm Live to events across Texas in 2017!